Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waiting for you...

When these long hours traverse the night
To touch the bright, colorful dawn
I keep mumbling inside my mind
Of how much I love you
And how much I pine for you

I feel the pain of longing
As if I were walking on a lonely road
Without a shadow by my side.
I feel the bruise of distance
That time marks between us
When you are gone.

And then, I keep waiting
For your handsome face
To bestow a kiss on my cheek,
To assure me you are by my side
And I am under your spell...


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eternity is a creation of the mind...

walking with you on the lonely streets,
in the green bushes,
I always realised while holding your hands,
'this is the idyllic existence
that I yearned for."
'twas a sylvan plain always;
each and every moment with you,
as if each one was eternity.

yet,when I came home,
I realised,
Eternity is a creation of the mind.
it ends where you want it to,
where you start thinking of your existence.
and in a moment, everything is swapped.

the heat of your body,
that gives me tranquility is far away.
I am left cold, aloof,
far away from you.
yearning for you.
indulging myself in nostalgia.


A free bird is set to fly

free bird is set to fly
high high up in the sky
turns its eyes towards the clouds
and yearns to learn the height of the high

it flaps its tinsel wings
avoids the common rings
it pines to be there
the horizon ends where

the thrill of flying high
is the essence of life
moving in circles is the move of life
revolving in orbits marks the start of life

a free bird is set to fly
fly high and high
in orbits designed by itself
a free bird yearns to fly
for its time
it asserts its freedom!


Unfathomable thoughts

why is life so complicated?
or is it we who make it complicated?
what do we get out of thinking so much?
why is that we aint potent to understand our own minds?
is this impotence a part of life?
or is it a part of feeling things
and then finding out that some things are just unfathomable.....

questions unanswered always make me restless.
I am a believer of the justness of things
and when life acts in an unjustified manner,
I am hell bent on finding its reasons
which I am unable to find out for ever
and then I am pressed on thinking on the same lines....

why is life so complicated?
or is it we who make it complicated?
what do we get out of thinking so much?
why is that we aint potent to understand our own minds?


The thought of your pious touch.....

The thought of your pious touch flames this body,
My fingers run across my own body
And I feel it is you who stroked this fiery plain.
This new passion brings to life my body,
As though it was a corpse till now.
This life is that of a flower,
Caressed by the first dew drop.
These tresses tickle me,
As if at your service.
My lips utter something unknowingly,
As if they are talking to you.
My heart contracts with love for you,
And my flesh shrinks to bloom at your touch.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beauty lies beyond the face...

Set loose the passion dumped inside your hair,
O, daughter of the new moon.
Show twinkling stars in broad daylight
To the needful,
Blink your eyes, O lady,
And bless the world with a hurricane,
Stretch your lips a bit
And kill the world with your beauty.
Let them get up with a start
And glare at you.

Don’t worry you wont loose your virtue
Because you have set your boundaries.
You know you are chaste.
Tempt the world around
So that their sins overpower,
And they are drowned,
And penalized for what they did to you.

Don’t worship yourself,
Worship your virtue,
And you will find people around you
Who worship you and your virtue.
And show to the world how
Beauty lies beyond the face…


Come to these woods

Come to these woods and see,
There’s no one here,
Except nature, and me.
The only human voice audible
Is my quill.
The only one who respires is me.
The only sensuality is
That of mine.

And when you come to this
Unethereal plain,
The joy will be ours.
And these woods will be
A replica of paradise,
Where two souls immortalized
Are freezed,
Where love and only love breathes…